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Featured Blog: The Legend of Heliodor

  1. Why did you set your blog up?

Well to be honest I set up my blog just to try and raise awareness for my book in the hope of selling it. Quite blunt but I wasn’t a blogger or had any interest in it.

  1. What is it about?

Basically my blog is about my book The Legend Of Heliodor but its more than that, it’s about the world of Heliodor, the whole world behind the idea for the book.

  1. How often do you post?

I post as and when I have an idea for a post. If I get a review on a book I post it when it happens but otherwise at least once or twice a week.

  1. What challenges have you experienced?

The main challenge is getting the blog out there! Marketing is not what I’m good at. I prefer writing and posting. Getting traffic is by far the most difficult!

  1. What high points have you experienced?

When people comment it’s good because it’s true interaction. I could do with more comments though:)

  1. What do you hope to get from your blog?

I hope to draw poeple in to my world, the land of Heliodor and build up a fan base giving readers the chance to fully immerse themselves within the enchanted land of magic and adventure. It’s a very exciting world of powerful crystals and Fire-Tongue dragons.

  1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I mentioned earlier about quite a closed reason for starting a blog, but actually I really doing it. I find that it gives me a chance to eleborate about my book, giving insights or thoughts about why I’ve done things I’ve done about the world I created. I enjoy the feeling that it’s like the world I made up is very deep and vast, so much so that I sometimes think it’s real!


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