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How I made money from blogging

making money from blogging

It IS possible to make money from blogging and I know because I’ve done it and am still doing it. Some people have made lots more than me and you may have heard about them. Speaking from personal experience though, I’ve managed to bring in the equivalent wage of part-time job through my blogging and that has come through various different channels.

I first set out blogging on a Facebook page called Derek the Weathersheep (you can check it out here – it’s still going!). Here in Wales, we have a popular weatherman called Derek the Weatherman and one day, as I was driving along, I suddenly had the idea to set up a Facebook page about a sheep who gives daily weather forecasts. His popularity on Facebook really took off, namely because I set about creating different characters who lived on a fictional farm called Honey Farm. Before long, I was finding Facebook too restrictive so I decided to set about buying my own website and setting up a blog. To cut a long story short, I made money from my blog by writing and self-publishing a series of books, which have gone on to become best-sellers.

That was my first experience of earning money from a website and it was quite addictive. It didn’t earn me enough to retire for life but seeing my book chart at #1 was satisfaction enough.

After that, I started developing spoof news stories on my site, which were popular, but didn’t fit well with the purpose of the site. I set up another site called, which gave me the scope to dedicate the site to spoof news. What I wasn’t expecting was the site to go totally viral and the first thing I did was to add Adsense to my site. Adsense is a way of displaying adverts on your site. As it’s run by Google, it pretty much shows the adverts that they think the individual reader will want to click on. If they do click on it, you get a small fee paid to you. What you need to make decent money with this is massive traffic but it is all possible.

One morning, I published one story about a coffee shop that had opened in Cardiff for people who don’t like mornings. It was called ‘Grumpy F**kers Coffee Shop’ and within seconds of me posting it on social media, it had been shared about 100 times. The shares rocketed and it took me a whole day to realise that I could be making money from merchandise. I spent an entire day setting up an online shop and even a separate website dedicated to Grumpy F**kers. Check out how many times my story has been shared here. It’s mind-blowing!

I have explored other avenues of making money which I will go into more detail about in forthcoming posts. What I wanted you to understand is that making money is possible but there are a few things you will need to understand:

  1. Unless you’re very lucky, you won’t be able to retire overnight. It requires a lot of work, making a lot of mistakes, and reading up on best practices.
  2. You need various channels of income. In the short story I’ve explained above, I’ve got advertising, books, ebooks and merchandise thrown into the mix.
  3. You’ll need to keep thinking up new ideas and pushing yourself. My Grumpy F**ker story was amazing while it lasted but today, I don’t earn as much as I was doing for a while.
  4. There are plenty of opportunities to make money and this isn’t limited to the methods I’ve used. Bear in mind other strategies such as affiliate marketing, vlogging or even sponsorship.

Monetising your site isn’t being greedy. Think if it as a reward for your time. If you want it, you can do it!

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