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Jersey Girl – A Luxury Lifestyle Blog

I’m Melissa, a sales and marketing professional by day and a blogger fortunate enough to live on the stunning island of Jersey, in the beautiful Channel Islands, UK which is located just off the coast of France. Our idyllic island is unfortunately not as well-known as I feel it should be, which is what I hope to change. In my ‘spare’ time, I enjoy reading, cooking, eating, traveling, socialising, Champagne and shopping! Pretty much all the things I already write about and share with you. I am so lucky to be able to enjoy my lifestyle and my career so much, that it blends into my love of blogging and sharing experiences with you.

It’s a truly rewarding experience, and I hope I can help my readers by inspiring them to visit Jersey or at least step out of their comfort zones once in a while. I would truly appreciate your feedback or comments on my blog, so please feel free to contact me and comment whenever you like!

What is your blog about?

Jersey Girl focuses around the island of Jersey and the events and activities available to people on the island. I try to share the best of Jersey with my readers and offer advice on what locals can do and also what visitors to the island can get involved with. I try to showcase a range of activities and events, but also throw in a few updates on what I get up to personally and my favourite things about the island.

Why did you decide to blog?

I enjoyed reading blog posts of others so much, that it influenced me to start my own. No one else was doing it in Jersey at the time, so I thought it would be fun to start one up. It ended up being more of a diary of my personal adventures to start with, which I think is a great way to savour memories and photos stored all in one place. Now though, I try to make the blog more informative for people and use my blog as a creative outlet.

What have you enjoyed most about blogging?

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me in so many ways. I’ve made some great new friends through it and have tried foods I never thought I would. I’ve also attended events alone to do reviews for companies such as Radley London, which completely took me out of my comfort zone, but I felt an amazing sense of achievement afterwards! The main thing I’ve learnt is to just say ‘yes’ and seize every opportunity.

What challenges have you encountered?

Time! The main barrier for anyone writing a blog and working full time has to be finding the time to write. Obviously you have to attend events/activities in order to be able to write about them, then schedule time to write and also utilise social media, all whilst working full time! You have to learn to be super organised to balance everything.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

I am hoping to eventually make blogging a full time career. So I would love to be travelling a lot and working with various companies to promote travel and lifestyle by that point. You’ve got to dream big, after all! My main goal is to make the blog a useful ‘go to’ place for people wanting advice and tips on what to do in Jersey. If readers find my blog helpful then I’ve achieved something good.

Do you have any future plans for your blog?

I have a really exciting ‘staycation’ feature coming up in a few weeks, where I will be working with various companies in Jersey to showcase what’s on offer. Essentially I will be living life as a tourist for a week and hopefully will inspire more people to come and visit our great island and experience all that it has to offer. There’s also potentially a redesign of the website on the cards, but that won’t be until later this year. Otherwise, I will just keep working away and sharing experiences with readers, as that’s what I love to do!

Visit Jersey Girl at http://jerseygirl.co/

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